CSC Child Aadhar Enrollment - Child Aadhar Enrollment Registration Online


CSC Child Aadhar Enrollment
CSC Child Aadhar Enrollment

CSC Child Aadhar Enrollment Service in India

If you are a CSC VLE then a Good News for you. CSC announced and provided few states the Aadhar Services (Child Aadhar). Any child whose age is 0 to 5 years you can apply those childs aadhar (new enrollment). Its a very big thing because this services are much more earning related if you get this services then you can earn money at your own location. In this article i will completely describing how to get Child Aadhar through the CSC Center.

What is Sishu Aadhar ?

If you hear somewhere Sishu Aadhar, Child Aadhar and Baal Aadhar, these 3 name is same. Whose age is 0 to 5 years you can apply those childs Aadhar in your Aadhar Center. No need to capture the fingerprint of childs because the finger of the childs are very small so its not possible to capture the finger print so the photo is mandatory and the parents fingers also mandatory then you can enroll a new child aadhar at your center. After 5 Years those childs can change their biomatrics and regular their Aadhar Card.


CSC Child Aadhar Enrollment
CSC Child Aadhar Enrollment

Documents Required for Child, Sishu or Baal Aadhar Enrollment

If any child birth in any hospital then you can submit the Child Birth Certificate or Hospital Discharge Certificate. If any child reading in any class then provide Identity Card of the student also have to submit the Aadhar Cards of parents. Because no any finger print will be capture of the child so parents aadhar must be required, the aadhar will link with the parents aadhar.

1- Child Birth Certificate or Discharge Certificate / Slip of the Hospital
2- Identity Card of the Child
3- Parents Aadhar Card

Validity of Child Aadhar

If any child birth then you can enroll their aadhar in any time within 5 years. But after 5 years you have to update their biomatrics because its till valid for 5 years only. After 5 years its compulsory to change or update the finger print or biomatric in any aadhar seva kendra.

How to Apply for Child Aadhar Center ?

If you are a CSC VLE then you can apply for this service but if you dont have any CSC ID then you can not apply for this service. 

The process is very simple but first you have to complete few steps which is mentioned in the below.

1- Complete the Aadhar Examination (Supervisor or Operator)

2- Apply a Bank BC through the CSC

Then you can start this Child Aadhar work.

Machine Parts to be use:- Only a Tablet is necessary for this service.

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